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One Tree Hill’ Hilarie Burton drove ‘overnight’ to console costar after husband’s death

One Tree Hill

Bevin Prince is thankful to Hilarie Burton- Morgan for being her friend in need.

The One Tree Hill alum, 40, recalled how she navigated the” absolute living agony” of her hubby’s death at age 33 in July, and how her fellow OTH costar Burton- Morgan was there to support her.

Hilarie had driven to see Prince further than 1100 kilometres from her ranch in Upstate New York, where she lives with hubby Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Prince resides in Wilmington, North Carolina, where she runs her cycling plant Recess by Bevin Prince, and where OTH mugged nine seasons from 2003 to 2012, via People.

“ Hilarie got in her auto when she set up out my hubby had passed and drove straight to my house overnight,” she said as she appeared Friday on the 1on1 with Jon Evans podcast. “ She showed up on my door, and she was like, ‘ Okay, what can I do?

” And she sat with me, and she was just, formerly again, showing me what a special human she is. Her intention for being there was just to help in any way possible. It wasn’t,’ Look at how good I am. Look at what I am doing for you.’ And I am just eternally thankful, ” Prince added.

She added that another OTH alum, Lee Norris, came to show his support during the delicate time.

Bevin’s hubby, Will Friend, was a CEO of digital media company Bisnow at the time. He was pronounced dead after he was struck by lightning during a family boat spin on Sunday, July 3. Although Prince wasn’t on the boat at the time, they were fortunately coming to a boat with a nanny onboard, and a police boat was passing in, via runner Six.

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