How to Respond to Capital One Credit Card Offer? (2023)

Capital One is one of the lenders that have prequalified credit card offers, which are usually sent to potential customers via mail. It could be that you have received mail with these offers at some point in your life. How should you respond to Capital One mail offer? In this article, we shall answer that question and many more.

What Is A Prequalified Credit Card?

Before a credit card company prequalifies you, it will link up with a credit bureau with the aim of having a look at your credit history. Not just anyone is included in the list of potential customers to receive prequalification. The list could contain individuals with a credit rating above a certain level. Alternatively, they could ask the credit bureau to check out the credit of the people appearing on the list supplied.

The information they get from the credit bureau is what makes the lender decide on who to send the prequalification notifications. Once you receive the mail offer, you may choose to respond to it in the most appropriate way.

Why Am I Getting Credit Card Mail Offers?

Almost everyone with a credit history gets preapproved credit card offers in the mail. After all, lenders have to get more customers and you are one of the potential ones. If your credit is in tatters, these pre-approval offers may seem like a godsend. Only that they do not guarantee that your application for a credit card will be accepted.

If you receive pre-approval offers for cards with huge bonuses and benefits, then you likely have good credit. This is because they know you can get any card you apply for. They want you to take up their offer and forfeit the rest by offering you the highest bonuses. In the end, the prequalification offer is just a marketing gimmick.

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However, you may also get a pre-approval offer if you had applied for the same on the Capital One website. In this case, you would have provided them with personal and financial information, which they can then use to do a background check with the credit bureau.

To prequalify for a Capital One credit card, you will be required to enter your name, social security number, and address. You can then sit pretty and wait for the mail to that effect.

How to Respond To Capital One Mail Offer (Getmyoffer Capital One)?

In your mail, you will receive a reservation number and an access code. Open the Capital One website and go to the page where you need to enter this information – “Credit Cards” ⇒ “Respond to a Mail Offer”.

Once you are on the web page, simply enter the 16-digit reservation number followed by the 6-digit access code. Click “Get Started” and you will be taken to a page where you can start the credit card application process.

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